The studio features a large air conditioned and professionally accoustically designed control room.The master mixing desk is a Soundtracks Jade 48 with 96 analog audio channels available on mixdown complete with channel dynamics and automation. The studio also features a 3kw back up UPS, low voltage led lighting system able to create either bright, moody or colourful working environments and 180" 3D Projector system with buttkicker tranducers on all the sofas and chairs.
The Main Monitors are Dynaudio M4s (as used by Air Studios) With Dynaudio Subass System all powered by 12kw of amplification.This is a very loud system! and the sound in the studio is contstantly been given 10 out of 10 by sound engineers.The nearfield monitors are industry standard Yamaha NS10s powered by a Quad 405 amplifier.
microhones are Neuman U87 and Mirotech Geffel. There is also 48 channels of digital i/o.

Computing is powered by Apple Mac with 64 GB ram 24 core and 10 TB of SSDs storage. 3x Lcd screens at worksation and 55" 4k monitor for mixing.

Hardware keyboards include Roland Jupiter 8, Roland JD 800, Oberheim OB-8, Sequential Circuits T-8, Roland JX-3P + PG 200, Rland D-50 + PG1000, Sequential Circuits Six-Trak, Moog Opus 3, Korg MonoPoly, Roland Juno 106, Casio CZ5000, Korg 01W, Yamaha RMX1,Roland 808, Roland 727, Roland SH101. Oberheim Matrix 1000, Yamaha TX81Z, Roland U200, Roland R8M ,Roland M- DC1, Control Synthesis Depp Bass Nine, Novation Bass Station, Akai S3000Xl, Emu E4XTurbo, Akai S900, Roland Octapad II, Roland D110.

Outboard hardware includes Urie 1176LN, Eventide DSP 4000, Kenton Pro 4, Spl Vitalizer Pro, Yamaha Rev 7, Lexicon PCM70, Roland S330, Korg A1, Ibenez SDR 1000+, Ibenez SDR 1000, Symetrix 511A, Alesis Quadraverb II, Drawmer DL 201,Drawmer DL221,BEL BD-80. Yamaha SPX90, Yamaha Q2031, Boss Hyper Fuzz, Boss Super Feedback Distortion, MAudio Keystation 49, 2X emagic Unitor 8 Mk II Midi Interfaces. 2X Technics SL1200s + DJ Mixing Consol

DAW software Logic Pro, Steinberg  Cubase Pro,  Ableton Live Suite, Bitwig Studio, Sudio One, FL Studio etc.
Plugin software too many to list...

Studio Pictures