Our Licensing department at SBS Productions has had many years of experience licensing and dealing with all the major and independent record labels as well as major fim, television and video game production companies. We have completed over 300 compilation projects around the world ,which have achieved total sales of over 20,000.000 units and over 15 million spotify plays. If you would like to license or use any Gat Decor tracks for your film ,TV, compilations, video game or advert please contact me.

Clients inclue:
Sony, Netflix, SKY, THQ, Ministry of Sound, Warner Music, Defected Records, ITV, BBC, Universal, BMG. Kontor, MTV, Cream, Head Kandi

International and Europe:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland - Logic Records Spain Inc Andorra - Max Music Ediciones Australia & New Zealand - Mushroom Records Belgium, Holland & Luxumberg - Play It Again Sam France, Scandinavia, Poland & Italy - Edel USA - Radical Records Canada - TSJB Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Phillippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Mayalasia, Thailand, Mainland China & India - Avex DD Inc. Israel - Phonokol Ltd.

Previous Licensed Compilations Include:
100% Arobic Hi Lo Vol.7 CD (Telstar Records) 100% Dance Hits 96 CD (Telstar Records) 100% Disco-House 2xCD (Radikal Groove Records) Passion (Mr Roy Disko Dub) 100% Pure House CD 100% Pure Old Skool Club Classics 3xCD (Telstar Records) 100% Step CD (Telstar Records) 10 Years GMF Berlin Paul Van Dyk 3xCD (Vandit Records) Passion 2 Dee Jays Presents: The Hottest Dance Tracks CD (Dino Music) Passion 40 Of The Hottest Dance Hits CD (Quattro Stagioni) 538 Dance Smath Hits '96 Volume 2 CD (Aracde) Passion Abducted 2 2x12" (X-Mix) Passion Absolute Club Classics vol 6 CD(Warner south Africa) A Decade of Ibiza 87-97 CD (Telstar Records) Passion (Do You Want It Right Now) All Mixed Up CD (EMI Records) A Retrospective of House 91' - 95', 3xCD (Sound Dimension Recordings) Passion (Naked Mix) Art Of Mix Art Of Compilation CD Axis Dance traxx -The Morning After CD (All At Once Records) Bacardi Breezer CD (The Music House) Back To Love Limited Edition Sampler Vol. 7, 2x12" (Hed Kandi Records) Back To Love 3, 2xCD (Hed Kandi Records) Passion Of Your Passion Back To The Old Skool Ibiza, 2xCD (Ministry Of Sound) Passion (The Naked Mix) Back to the Old Ibiza Anthems CD (Ministry Of Sound) Back To The Old Skool Club Classics, 2xCD (Ministry Of Sound) Passion (Do You Want It Right Now Mix) Beat UK CD (Fuji International) Bikini Beach Party 1996 CD (Arcade) Passion Body And Soul NYC Vol.4 CD Breakdown The Very Best Of Euphoric Old Skool 2xCD (Telstar TV) Passion (Do You Want It Right Now Mix) Break for Love Mixed By Danny Rampling 3xCD (Defected Records) Passion Classics - Mixed By Judge Jules, 2xCD (Ministry Of Sound) Passion Club Beats Vol.8 CD (CD Pool) In The Head Club Cuts 97 Mixed By Graham Gold, 2xCD (Telstar) In The Head (Armand's Hyper Cypher Mix) Club Cuts 272 12" (DMC) Clubin Clubbin' 50 All Time Greatest club Anthems 3xCD (V2 Records) Passion Clubland Sounds Of The UK CD Club Mix 96 CD (Polygram Records) Club Sandwich CD (Polydor Records Netherlands) Club Mix UK CD (Bmg Records) Clubstitute Vol 1 CD (Clubstitute Records) Passion Club UK CD (Global TV) Clubstitute Volume 1 CD (Clubstitute Records) Club World Tour Vol.1 Ibiza Traxx 2xCD (Sony Records Germany) Passion (Do You Want It right Now Mix) COMA - The Album 3 CD (COMA Records (DK)) Passion (The Naked Mix) COMA - The Album 3 2x12" (COMA Records (DK)) Complete Dance Anthems Vol 2 4xCD (DMC) Passion (Do You Want iT Right Now Mix) Contains Nothing (But Music One), CD (In.Disc) Passion Cream Anthems 2xCD 2xLP 2xCass (Deconstruction) Cream Classics 3xCD (Warner) Passion Dance Decade CD (The Factory Beatniks) Dance Decades a Complete History Of Dance 1989-2004 3xCD (UMTV) Dance Hits 96 CD (Telstar Records) Dancemix 1996 CD (Arcade Norway) Passion (1996) Dance Mix UK CD (BMG Ent) Dance Nation 2xCD (Ministry Of Sound) Passion Dance Tip Vol 4 CD (BMG Records) Passion (Do You Want it Right Now) Dance Zone Level 7 CD (Polygram Records) Decade Of Ibiza 2xCD Deep Dish Global Underground Moscow CD Defected In The House Eivissa 2006 Ibiza 3xCD 2xLP ITH Records) Passion Digital DJ No.2 Series 4 CD (The record Pool) DMC Lets All Chant CD (DMC publishing) Dream Team Medley CD (positive vibes) Eau De House No.1 CD (Fresh Records) Electro Sound 1992 CD (Indisc) Passion (Naked Mix) Energy Workout Vol.8 CD (Megabass) Enter The Party Zone CD (Sony Music Ent) For Those Who Like To Groove 2, 2xCD (Dino Music) Passion (Naked Mix) Fosters Ice CD (Telstar Records) Friday Night Fever CD (Universal Records) Passion Fresh Dance 96 CD (Polygram TV ) Flying Charts Top 16 12" (Flying Records) Passion (Naked Mix) Furios Beat...Is Techno Beat 2xCD (Overdance Records) Furios Beat...Is Techno Beat Vol 2 2xCD (Happy Music) Graham Gold -Club Cuts 97 2xCD (Telstar records) In The Head Graeme Park Mix Album CD (Fresh Records) Grasshopper CD (Polygram Records) Gridlock 9 2 x 12" (Razormaid Records) Passion (Naked Mix) Groove Mix Frenzy CD (HSP Records) Hard Fax 2xCD 2xLP 2xcass (Columbia Records) Havin It Dance Floor Classics CD 2xLP (Dwa) Heinekin Milleneum Mix CD (Music Makers) Het beste uit de HOUSE top 100 2xCD (Polydor) Het Beste Uit De House Top 100 Allertijden - Editie '97 4xCD (Arcade) Passion History Of House Music 1992 CD Hits Mania 96 CD (Telstar Records) Home The Album CD (Sony Recordings) House Collection Club Classics No.3 CD (Fantasia Records) House Classics 3xCD (Mecado) Passion House Party II CD (Arcade Italia) Passion House Party IV The Ultimate Megamix CD (Arcade) Ibiza Anthems CD Ibiza Classics CD (Ministry of Sound) Ibiza The Promised Land CD (Columbia Records) Ibiza Uncovered 2 CD (Virgin Records) Passion ID&T Classics - The Megamixes II 2xCD (Universal TV) Passion In The Mix 96 CD (Virgin Records) Instant Dance Party (Ichiban Records) Its Got To Be Club Edition 2 (Shock) Passion La Rocca Classics Vol 2 CD (Big Time International) Passion Massive Dance Mix 96 CD (Telstar Records) Passion (Do You Want It right Now) Mastermix No.120 CD (Music Factory) Mastermix No.121 CD (Music Factory) Mega Dance Mix 93 CD (Arcade) Passion Megadance '96 Vol.2 CD (Arcade) Passion (Do You Want It Right Now) Mega House Mix 1 CD (Dino Music) Melbourne Parts One & Two 2xCD (DanceNet) Passion Missing Link Vol 1 CD (HPF Records) Passion Mixmag Live! Vol. 3 - Sasha & CJ Mackintosh, CD (DMC Publishing) Mixmag Best of Mixmag Live CD (DMC Publishing) Mixmag Presents Big Tunes The Greatest Dance Singles Of All Time 2xCD (Virgin/EMI) Mix O Matic CD (EMI Records) Mix '96 2xCD (Mecado) Passion Natural Elements 2 CD (News) Passion (Naked Mix) Numero 1 Techno Vol.2 CD (Polygram Records) Passion New Hits 96 CD (Bmg Records) Nitsa Nights CD (sinedin Music) Passion No.1 Techno 2 CD (Polygram) Non Stop Dance Anthems CD (Telstar Records) Now Thats What I Call Music 33 CD (Emi Records) Pepsi Dance 96 Change the script CD (Music Marketeers) Pioneer UK Vol.103 CD (Diamond Time Ltd) Percision Nine CD (Art Of Mix) Plated In Full The 90's The Definiyve 12" Collection 3xCD (Resist records) Passion Premier Toons Vol 5 12" Progressive House 2xCD (ZYX) Passion (Of Your Passion) Pure Dance 96 CD (Polygram Records) Quattro Stagioni Vol. 2 2xCD (Mecado) Passion Rave Anthems Vol.2 Raving We Are Raving CD + LP (Telstar Records) Raveolution CD (Happy Music) Passion (Naked Mix Edit) Rave Zone 2xCD 2xCass (Panic Records) Razorcuts The Ultimate Club Trax 2xCD (Logic Records) Passion (Grant Nelson Vocal Pressure Mix) Remember House CD (Still House) Renaissance - The Classics 3xCD (Sony BMG) Passion Retro No.3 CD (Neo Records) Rush Hour 3 3xCD (UMTV) Passion Serious Beats 50 (The 2nd saga Of house) 4xCD (541) Passion Speed Garage Anthems II CD (Telstar TV) Speed Garage Anthems In Ibiza 2xCD (Global Records) Step Classics Vol.15 CD (Telstar Records) Sonic Dance Power Vol 1 CD (Jive) Passion Soundscape Dance Mission CD (Sony Music Ent) Techno Headz CD (Telstar Records) The Best Of Mixmag Live CD (Emap) Passion The Best Dance Album In The World Ever CD (Virgin Records) The Best Club Anthems Ever Vol.2 CD (EMI Records) The Best Best Of Dance 96 CD (Telstar Records) Passion The Box CD (Ministy Of Sound) The Full Unity Megamix CD (Indisc) Passion The Greatest Dance Album Ever Made CD (Telstar Records) The Greatest 90s Dance Hits CD (Telstar Records) The Greatest Hits Of 96 CD (Telstar Records) The House Collection CD (Fantasia Records) The Mash Up Mix 2006 2xCD (Ministry Of Sound) Passion The Seasons Yellow 2xCD (Hard Times) Passion (Grant Nelson Mix) The Ultimate Groove Mix Frenzy CD (HSP Records) The Very Best Club Anthems...Ever! Vol.2 2xCD (Circa Records) Passion The Very Best of Dave Pearce Dance Anthems The Very Best Euphoric Old Skool Breakdown 2xCD (Telstar) Passion (Do You Want It Right Now) Top Hits Megamix 1996 Vol 1 CD (Arcade) Passion Top Hits 96 Vol.2 CD (Arcade) Passion (Do You Want It Right Now) Tom Wilsons Bouncin Beats CD + 2x LP (Passion Music) Passion (Naked Mix) TJSB ONE (Two Jews, A Scot And A Black Man), CD (Quality Music & Video) Passion (Do You Want It Right Now) Trance Central - Return To The Classics (Vol. 3), CD (Planetary Consciousness) (Darren Emerson Remix) Trance Mania Acid Trance and Tribal Trax CD (Phonokol Records) Turn Up The Bass 12 CD (Arcade Denmark) Turn Up The Bass Megamix 1992 (part 1) (Arcade) Twelve 2xCD (Warner Music UK Ltd) Twitch Recordings CD No.5 CD (Twitch Recordings) Twitch Recordings Volume 7 2x12" (Remix Ultraviolet Catastrophe) (Twitch Recordings) Ultimate Club Mix 2xCD (Polygram Record Operations) Ulimate House Mix Frenzy CD (Hot Productions) Wild Anthems CD (Central Station) X Mix Abducted No.2 CD Yum Yum - The Remixes CD (Sperm Records) + many many more...